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post dateJune 28, 2018  |   post categoriesUncategorized  |   post comments number0 comment Read more  >
6 Tips to Help Reduce Business Credit Card Abuse Common Sense – the Key to Prevention

A former administrative assistant for [employer] was recently sentenced to three years in state prison for charging $243,000 on a company credit card for luxury personal items at upscale retailers including Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Victoria’s Secret. The [defendant] worked mostly from home, arranging employee training, travel, and parking while between 2013 and 2016. She […]

post dateFebruary 27, 2018  |   post categoriesUncategorized  |   post comments number0 comment Read more  >
school shootings
School Shootings, Steps to Take Immediate Actions

One week ago I posted an article taking aim at our government officials’ failure to take immediate proactive actions to help curtail mass and school shootings within the United States. Over the past two weeks, we have viewed funeral-after-funeral of several of the seventeen school shooting victims and heard story-after-story about their wounded classmates, and […]

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las vegas massacre
Stop the Talk and Take Action Against Deadly Mass Shootings!

Once again Americans and many throughout the world are grieving and praying for the victims and families of another deadly mass shooting. It’s time for our U.S. Congress and President to stop the talk and take action against deadly mass shootings. This latest horrific episode took place on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2018, when a […]

post dateAugust 4, 2017  |   post categoriesEmbezzlement and Internal Fraud  |   post comments number0 comment Read more  >
business credit card fraud
Six Tips to Reducing Employee Credit Card Abuse (E3)

If you think business credit card fraud in operations such as yours is not a problem, think again. This form of internal fraud/embezzlement is not only widespread — it’s legendary. Simply Google the words, “business credit card fraud” and don’t be surprised to find results showing “about 16,200,000”. My studies show that any employer’s credit […]

post dateJuly 26, 2017  |   post categoriesembezzlement, Embezzlement and Internal Fraud  |   post comments number0 comment Read more  >
employee embezzlement
Embezzlement . . . What Went Wrong? (E2)

Acts of employee embezzlement can and does cripple and destroy entire organizations, whether it be the smallest little league operation or largest multi-billion dollar corporation, medical facility or private practice, school or university, religious or non-profit organization, law enforcement or government agency. All organizations, without exception, are vulnerable to acts of employee embezzlement. Perhaps you […]

post dateJune 14, 2017  |   post categoriesUncategorized  |   post comments number1 comment Read more  >
Workplace Violence – Is Your Operation Vulnerable?

Increased acts of violence in the workplace is a trend that we must not ignore. In fact, there are over two million incidents of workplace violence reported on average annually, not including those incidents that go unreported. Although not all workplace violence results in fatalities, the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries for the years 2006–2014, […]

post dateDecember 3, 2015  |   post categoriesUncategorized  |   post comments number3 comments Read more  >
Mixed Messages

Today is a very sad day in America! Yesterday, in San Bernardino, California, in what initially started out as a health department holiday party, turned into a horrendous bloodbath. Once this shooting massacre ended, authorities found 14 innocent victims dead and another 21 seriously injured. Witnesses said at least two masked shooters were responsible for […]