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post dateOctober 29, 2018  |   post categories6 tips to help reduce business credit card abuse, Uncategorized  |   post comments number2 comments Read more  >
Stopping Business Credit Card Abuse Common Sense – the Key to Prevention

Sometimes I think using this blog to offer tips for stopping business credit card abuse is a waste of my time. And, this makes me feel like shouting out, “You can prevent these crimes in your organization. But you must use some common sense – the key to prevention.” On August 4, 2017, I posted […]

post dateJuly 26, 2017  |   post categoriesembezzlement, Embezzlement and Internal Fraud  |   post comments number0 comment Read more  >
employee embezzlement
Embezzlement . . . What Went Wrong? (E2)

Acts of employee embezzlement can and does cripple and destroy entire organizations, whether it be the smallest little league operation or largest multi-billion dollar corporation, medical facility or private practice, school or university, religious or non-profit organization, law enforcement or government agency. All organizations, without exception, are vulnerable to acts of employee embezzlement. Perhaps you […]