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school shootings
School Shootings, Steps to Take Immediate Actions

One week ago I posted an article taking aim at our government officials’ failure to take immediate proactive actions to help curtail mass and school shootings within the United States. Over the past two weeks, we have viewed funeral-after-funeral of several of the seventeen school shooting victims and heard story-after-story about their wounded classmates, and […]

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las vegas massacre
Stop the Talk and Take Action Against Deadly Mass Shootings!

Once again Americans and many throughout the world are grieving and praying for the victims and families of another deadly mass shooting. It’s time for our U.S. Congress and President to stop the talk and take action against deadly mass shootings. This latest horrific episode took place on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2018, when a […]

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Las Vegas Massacre
Las Vegas Massacre

The Las Vegas Massacre will go down as the most horrific slaughter of innocent people ever to occur within the United States. As of today, the murderous death toll stands at fifty-nine individuals losing their lives, another five-hundred plus injured, and thousands of terrified others fled for safe cover. Carnage was everywhere! Most of the […]

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Workplace Violence – Is Your Operation Vulnerable?

Increased acts of violence in the workplace is a trend that we must not ignore. In fact, there are over two million incidents of workplace violence reported on average annually, not including those incidents that go unreported. Although not all workplace violence results in fatalities, the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries for the years 2006–2014, […]