More on NFL caper

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I had not intended to response further on this NFL “fumble”, until the Associated Press published on 9-25th what appeared to be conflicting stories about the sending and/or receipt of the second video: An unknown law enforcement official allegedly stated, “the video specifically was sent to the NFL security director.” Next, it appears that the security director was allegedly quoted as saying the following: “I unequivocally deny that I received at any time a copy of the video, and I had not watched it until it was made public on September 8.”

So, did they (NFL) receive, view and fail to acknowledge such, or did the “unknown” law enforcement official get his/her facts wrong, especially since there are two individuals working for the NFL with the same last name? (From a law enforcement prospective, I would think (hope) that possible evidence such as this would not have been sent to anyone outside of the authorities without approval of a superior ranking officer.)

In no way am I favoring one source or the other. As Dragnet “Jack Webb” would have said, “Only the facts please!

My message to that unknown law enforcement official is, wouldn’t something like this video, unless it is a copy of the original, be classified as evidence? Therefore, I have a couple of questions: 1) What about the chain of custody in always knowing specifically where the piece of evidence is? 2) Proof showing that the video was addressed/sent to a specifically authorized individual and have received back proof of delivery to ensure that it was properly received?

As for the NFL, if the security director’s office did allegedly receive this video, I would be shocked to find that such evidence would not have reached the person in charge. If by mistake it was sent to the other person with the same name, again, I would be surprised to find that it would not have been forwarded to the intended source.

That fumble may be on its way to becoming a devastating touchdown, if recovered behind the goal line. Sad, very sad!