Message to those who have little concern for helping others

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But first, a message to those bloggers reporting that you are enjoying this site and its content:
As some of you likely have noticed, I have not been as prompt as I should be on providing my Identity Theft tips and other information that I think would help our general audience. To this group, I sincerely appreciate reading your comments. My problem is that I am receiving literally hundreds of messages, mostly trash and it takes me time to sort through each message.

Now, back to my initial target list – you know, those of you whom are flooding this site with literally hundreds of spam and trash messages and attempting to advertise all types of handbags, clothing, bags, jewelry and practically everything else from paint goods to whatever.
For every one of your messages that I must deal with, I lose valuable time in composing something that I believe may help to protect all consumers and business people from becoming victimized by criminals.
Please refrain from (or directing some automated device) sending this site, those spam-messages. Will you have the courtesy to stop? . . I doubt it! But, I now know that I have asked for this favor. Who knows, something said here could help a family member, or friend, or even YOU from becoming a crime victim.
Thanks, Jack Hayes