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About Jack Hayes

Jack HayesJack Hayes is a multiple award-winning published author. In addition to his books, Jack has written and produced four award-winning interactive videos and an audio management-training program.

Often referred to as a creative non-fiction writer, Jack’s stories are not only true and fact-based, they are well told. Perhaps one of the best examples of Jack’s writing style can be found in his award-winning book, Business Fraud: From Trust to Betrayal. Within this book, you will find story-after-story about highly trusted employees committing acts of embezzlement and/or fraud against their employers. In each case study, Jack Hayes clearly explains the circumstances that allowed these crimes to occur, along with the accompanying warning signals that were either overlooked or ignored. To further assist in better understanding ways to prevent these types of crimes, Jack discusses realistic solutions that any supervisory person can put in place to minimize their organization’s risk to similar dishonest acts.

As for his qualifications to write such a book, Jack Hayes is an internationally recognized expert on crimes against businesses, an accomplished business executive, and experienced management consultant. (More about Jack’s qualifications are noted below.)

On the lighter side, Jack also enjoys writing about the history of major league baseball. His first award-winning baseball book, Baseball’s Finest Moments, is an almost unbelievable memoir of an early 1950s American League batboy who rubbed elbows with some of the greatest players of all time, including Mickey Mantle, Satchel Paige, Ted Williams, and dozens of other immortal stars.

After nearly two years of in-depth research, Jack’s latest book, Baseball’s Archives 1845-1959, was recently published. This book takes readers on a journey deep into baseball’s past. It is filled with interesting and exciting facts about the game’s greatest players, most famous plays, most humiliating errors, most stunning home runs, and provides a wealth of information about various behind-the-scenes individuals who were instrumental in growing the game and turning it into America’s greatest pastime.

While Jack’s adult career did not include baseball, he successfully operated an international management consulting company for three decades. Jack Hayes is an internationally recognized speaker, and has conducted numerous business-related seminars and lectures throughout the United States, Canada, South American, New Zealand and Europe.

Jack is a member of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR), Florida Writers’ Association, and the Writers’ League of The Villages, Florida. As one of the pioneers of the loss prevention profession and for his accomplishments, Jack was also awarded an honorary life-time membership in the prestigious world-wide security/loss prevention organization, ASIS International.

Jack and his wife, Darlene, live in Central Florida.


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“If you don’t swing the bat, you can’t hit the ball!” This is a quote that Jack Hayes created and has lived by since childhood. And boy, . . did that conviction— of always giving whatever challenge that he faced, his very best effort—help to catapult Jack into exciting and equally amazing teenage and adult lives.

First, as a 14-year-old, on April 16, 1953, Jack unknowingly was preparing to author what would become his first award-winning book, when he trotted onto the American League baseball field of the Washington Senators wearing the uniform of the world champions, New York Yankees. (Fifty-nine years later, on April 5, 2012, a Florida newspaper’s front-page headline featured Jack’s story as “The Greatest Job in the World!”)

As the years passed, Jack kept swinging his motivational bat while learning a great deal about what it takes to rise to the top of his profession in the business world. While having conducted extensive studies over four decades into how and why people steal from all types of organizations, Jack has interviewed literally hundreds of internal and external thieves including corporate executives and organized-crime professionals—to learn why and how each committed their criminal act. Jack has also investigated and solved a variety of business crimes where embezzlement and internal fraud losses ranged as high as $25 million. These experiences have greatly assisted Jack in gaining extraordinary knowledge relating to which methods work best in preventing internal and external theft, fraud and embezzlement within all types of business environments.

Along the way, Jack became a nationally recognized pioneer in the field of theft prevention, and credits his investigative skills and dedicated research as playing prominent roles in helping him to sharpen his knowledge in better understanding the complexities associated with business crime. For his work, Jack has received numerous awards from prestigious organizations including the Federal Bureau of Investigation; United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia; Washington D.C., Boston and New York City’s Boards of Trade; and ASIS International.

In September 1972, after Newsweek magazine published an article on Jack’s crime-fighting strategies, job offers poured in from five different corporations. That article, along with his growing expertise within the areas of external theft, internal dishonesty, fraud and embezzlement brought Jack Hayes national recognition, and two months later, he accepted a private sector job in New York City, replacing the former (retired) NYC police commissioner. Jack spent five successful years in the corporate world of NYC. Next, the timing appeared right! In January 1978, Jack, along with his motivational bat, made a mighty swing by opening—what he had often dreamed of— his very own management consulting firm, Jack L. Hayes International, Inc. More than three decades later, Hayes International still flourishes, now under the leadership of Mark Doyle, CEO, and it continues to be internationally recognized as one of the premier loss prevention management consulting firms in the world.

Today, Jack Hayes spends the majority of his “retirement” time writing non-fiction books, taking on a few speaking engagements, and occasionally serving as an advisor and/or expert witness in civil court cases.