Deadly Mass Shootings – Will Anything Change?

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Heart-Wrenching Statistics


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America, what are you going to do to help stop these killings?

Deadly Mass Shootings – Will Anything Change? 

This past weekend’s heart wrenching mass shootings statistics are unbelievable. Twenty-nine (29) individuals were killed in El Paso, Texas, and another twenty-six (26) injured at that shooting site. Then less than twenty-four hours later, in Dayton, Ohio, another nine (9) people were killed and at least another twenty-seven (27) wounded.

Devastating Numbers

In less than twenty-four hours, families and friends lost twenty-nine of their loved ones while another fifty-three (53) are now fighting for their lives in just these two mass shootings alone. Certainly, while the body count was much less over the recent weeks in Gilroy California (3 dead and 16 wounded); Brooklyn, N.Y. (1 dead and 11 injured); Southaven, Mississippi (2 killed and 2 injured). The sensationalism of these shooting was not quite as dramatic. Just think, up until the El Paso shootings, 2019’s deadliest mass shooting happened in a municipal building in Virginia Beach, Va. (12 killed and 4 injured). No matter what the count of people killed or wounded, the horrific impact on families and our country is mind-boggling.

Blame Game

Blame anyone else but our party: This appears to be the battle-cry of politicians on both sides. This morning when I turned the TV on, I was bombarded with political rhetoric. Two or three of the presidential candidates were blabbering it was [President] Trump’s fault. Another strongly said, “We’ve got to take action.” … (Sounds good, politically, but she didn’t elaborate.) Another shouted, “We’ve got to ban assault weapons. To that I say, “Mr. Candidate, what the hell have you done to push for passage of this law this during your extensive-term as a U.S. Senator?” As I talked about in the above February 16, 2018 blog post, this ban has merit. And yes America, I am an advocate of the Second Amendment and former member of the NRA. Simply said, “No citizen should have the right to own/possess a rapid-fire weapon capable of firing ‘X’ rounds within a specific time frame. According to reports, the Dayton shooter’s weapon carried a magazine capable of rapid firing 100 rounds … that’s correct 100 rounds!

It’s Time for Action

I ask: “Well, America, what are you going to do about it? I tried to take on this issue but failed. On February 16, 2018, I published an article on my blog entitled, “Stop the Talk and Take Action Against Deadly Mass Shootings!I strongly encourage each of you to read that article and evaluate what I commented on sixteen months ago in comparison to today’s anti-mass killings action pledges.”

Change … Is it Possible?

So, will anything change? Sure I expect some ‘cursory’ actions; after all the 2020 elections are rapidly approaching and the politicians are on the spot. I just hope they cease their ‘pass whatever is easy’ panic mode and seriously think through what they will be rushing to pass to prove to the voters they are taking action. From what I have heard this morning, enhanced background checks will be high on their lists. But folks, mark my word, those checks will prove to be nowhere near the effectiveness anticipated.

Okay, you’ve now read my rhetoric, so now it’s time for me to put up or shut up. So, unlike that candidate who mouthed, “We’ve got to take action,”

Here’s my action-oriented list:

1.  As I have preached before, it’s time for our U.S. Congress and the President to stop the talk and PLEDGE to do the right thing and pass hard-nose actions that will dramatically minimize our Nation’s risk to deadly mass shootings.

2.  Appoint a committee of unbiased experts from law enforcement and the private sector to analyze patterns/trends relating to gun ownership and make appropriate recommendations.

3.   A serious need exists to come up with some common-sense rules regarding the combination of mental illness and gun ownership issues. Such a recommendation would require strong expertise/input from both the psychology and law enforcement fields.

4.  Immediately ban any private citizen from possessing any rapid-fire weapon (sub-machine gun, handgun, etc.) that is capable of firing “X” number of bullets within a very short time-frame. This should also ban magazines, buttstocks, and anything else that enhances rapid-fire power. (In the late 1950s/early 60s, I was an MPDC police detective in Washington, D.C. I remember it was against the law for a citizen to possess any rapid-fire weapon (sub-machine gun, handgun, etc.) that was capable of firing “X” number of bullets within a very short time-frame. I do not know what happened to that “antiquated” law, but I suspect that somewhere along the way, that either that law contained an expiration date that was allowed to expire—without being renewed, or our U.S. Congress saw fit to ignore that law’s value and chose to “update and soften” it while bestowing even more relaxed gun rights to citizens. With this recommendation, I must ask, Does our U.S. Congress and our President have the guts to take prompt action and outlaw those rapid-fire weapons?    

5.    Hollywood Films & Video Games. Someone needs to take a serious look at those killing and violent films and video games that are entering the market. Either or both of these could be playing a contributing role.  Hollywood appears to thrive on those ‘shoot-em-up ‘ and ‘blow-em-up’ films and video games.     

It is my sincere hope that both branches of Congress will jointly revisit this extremely serious issue and take those common-sense actions that are best for our American public… Not what is perceived to be in the best interest for either political party.  And, hopefully, the President of the United States will approve and make these recommendations law.  

What do you think? Let BOTH your Congressperson, Senator and me know your position.