Computer Scam Warning Microsoft license key has expired

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A few minutes ago, I received an official sounding phone call from a female (American accent) informing me that my Windows license key will be expiring and that I should call them at (a specific 800 number.) I never return such call requests, and usually, hang up. I hung up before this entire message was delivered. Again, since this was such a professionally sounding message, I became curious and decided to see what “Google” had to report.
As I suspected, this was a scam! And, certainly not new. This type of scam phone call and computer message goes back a couple or more years.
Microsoft does have an Internet page about those Microsoft tech-support scams and what you need to know at

My “computer scam” warnings recommendations:
DO NOT CALL those numbers, nor reply to emails, or messages that “pop-up” on your computer. This fake error message attempts to trick users via various adware-type applications. Beware, this fake error message locks computer screens and encourages users to call the telephone number provided. You are then asked to purchase a genuine Windows activation key. Again, this error message is a scam.

If you are the recipient of a “Your Windows License has Expired” error message, ignore all requests to contact/pay and immediately consider uninstalling all suspicious applications. If you need help or are uncertain with what actions to take, check with Microsoft via a number or Internet site that you know is valid.

Please pass this information along to your friends and associates.
Awareness is the key to stopping the scammer!