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Author Jack Hayes – Endorsements

Business Fraud: From Trust to Betrayal
How to Protect Your Business in 7 Easy Steps
by Author Jack Hayes

Readers’ Reviews/Comments

  • I can honestly say this is one of a few business books I have read cover to cover. Generally, you can jump to the last chapter and get the whole book summarized for yourself in a 4 or 5 pages. Business Fraud: From Trust to Betrayal is an informative and enjoyable read. It doesn’t matter what business you are in, fraud, embezzlement and deceit are the silent killers that will take away your business life.
    What is really telling for business owners, is the sense of betrayal experienced when `your most trusted employee’ turns out to be your biggest thief. Placing unfettered trust in any employee is foolish. You nailed the mantra for all business owners and managers with the quote from President Reagan, `Trust, but verify.’
    I also appreciate the step by step program for taking charge of your business security against fraud and betrayal. Assessment – learn what you don’t know, but should. Leadership – instill a culture of honesty. Recruiting – pay now, or pay a lot more later! Management training – bring awareness and understanding to the front line. Fraud Strategies – get everyone involved. Make fraud awareness a positive choice! Internal controls – basic checks and balances, they still work. Monitoring – once you learn to ride this bike, keep peddling!
    I would highly recommend this book to every business owner and management staff.
    It provides straight forward, no nonsense, easy to understand and easy to use recommendations to enable you to `Trust, but verify’ and protect your business.”
    —Steve Doyle
  • Very helpful in securing your business. Eye opening to the ways fraud can be done and how deep it can hurt a business. Benefits available by changing small things. Give this book a read.
    —A. Strickland
  • This is great! After I read this book I bought hard copies for a good friend in the insurance business as well as copies for two of my grown children (one runs a pizza business and the other sells textiles). In short, I think if you’re in any kind of business you need to know what Jack Hayes says here. Sad but true, there are people who would be happy to rip you off. What Hayes recommends will almost certainly keep them from doing that.
    —Tom Bender
  • Reading this book was one of the best learning experiences of my career. After 30 years of business experience and building and running our company, I only wish that we had this book available long ago. Certain problems and situations definitely could have been avoided.
    This is a must read for all business people. It not only defines the potential problems, it offers realistic solutions. It does not matter how big your company is, this book can help.”
    —Duane A. Gawron
  • I just got done reading Jack Hayes’ book “Business Fraud: From Trust to Betrayal.” As a former shoplifter and workplace pilferer myself, I could relate to many of the rationalizations and justifications of why people steal. As an attorney who has represented people caught stealing as well as a therapist who specializes in helping them understand why they really steal and how to really stop, this is a rare and invaluable book that anyone could benefit from reading. Employee theft is the elephant in the living room that few people want to talk about; yet, according to statistics and surveys, nearly everyone engages in some form of workplace dishonesty and it’s on the rise in our increasingly ethically-challenged society and culture. Mr. Hayes’ book included many stories from his own 50-year journey in the field of loss prevention and as a business fraud consultant. He also includes many stories both low-profile and high-profile about the schemes and consequences of employee theft for those who steal as well as the companies. A must read for anyone in business, psychology, the law, or any student of human nature.
    —Terrence Shulman

Baseball’s Finest Moments
by Author Jack Hayes

Readers’ Reviews/Comments

“A great read! “Baseball’s Finest Moments” was an opportunity to relive, through a bat-boy’s experiences, the dreams I had as a youngster of what it might have been like to know big league players.”
—Harold Tassell, NY Yankees fan

“I just finished the book, “Baseballs Finest Moments”, and I absolutely loved it! It brought back memories of the great game that I grew up with. What an easy read and highly recommended.”
—Duane A Gawron, Huge Detroit Tiger fan – Al Kaline, Norm Cash and Dick McCauliffe were the best!

“What a wonderful story. I don’t know much about baseball or the various teams, but what an interesting and delightful story you have written. I particularly enjoyed your descriptions of the players and the ways they interacted with you.”
—Beth Bender

“I cannot begin to express the enjoyment I received in reading Baseball’s Finest Moments! Growing up in Brooklyn in the 50’s, I was naturally a Dodgers fan. Through this book, I was able to live vicariously as it brought back memories of my days watching my heroes. Elsie Borden was one of the sponsors of the Dodgers and they had a promotional where under the lid of their ice cream cups, was a discount entry to the outfield grandstands…..Five lids and 25 Cents got me in!! I highly recommend this great book!”
—Lee DiDomenico, Brooklyn Dodgers fan

“Baseball’s Finest Moments is a fun and easy to read book about baseball in America in the 50’s
and how a young man scored his dream job and loved every minute of it. It made me relive some of my glory days in Little League and see what life was like for one lucky kid who got to meet, learn from, and play with some of baseball’s all-time best players from the 1950’s. It’s a home run! . . . No, it’s a grand slam!!”
—Steve Schneider, San Diego, Ca. “Go Padres!”

“Baseball’s Finest Moments was wonderfully written and reminded me of how great baseball
really was during my years growing up. Great book! Read it three times and truly enjoyed it each time.”
—Richard Rio, New York Yankees fan

“I have read BASEBALLS FINEST MOMENTS twice and loved it each time as it was like reliving my youth all over again as it gave me a better understanding and opinion of baseball’s greatest players that I worshipped in my youth! This book is a must read. The author was one lucky kid to have had such a great experience. I grew up rooting for the Red Sox, as their farm team played in Scranton, Pa., my hometown, in the 1950’s.”
—Enrico P. Albanesi, Boston Red Sox fan

“For a lifelong baseball fan, the author’s perspective of the game from a batboy’s viewpoint is particularly interesting. Examining the game along with several individual stars of the 1950’s, makes Baseball’s Finest Moments a must read for baseball historians.”
—Ed Cohan, Boston Red Sox fan

“Baseball fan or not, this is one entertaining book that I highly recommend. It is very enjoyable, and some of the things that happened to Jack Hayes in the early 1950s, just would not be possible for a young boy today looking for a similar major league bat-boy job. I found his interactions with some of the greatest baseball players of all time, and the insight he shares on these players regarding their professional and personal lives simply fascinating!”
—Mark R. Doyle, Favorite Baseball Team: San Diego Padres

“An enjoyable read for baseball lovers of all ages, especially for those of us who had dreams of one day making it to the big leagues. Jack Hayes experienced a baseball lover’s dream, rubbing shoulders with Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams and a host of other major league baseball legends.”
—Don Ferron, NY Yankees fan

“Great read! I enjoyed learning what you had to go through on “game day” as a young teenager, to chase your dream and passion. I also enjoyed the insight behind the scenes of the ballplayers. In those days it seemed, what you saw is what you got. Not like today, because of the media, everyone seems so guarded. Again, I really enjoyed the book.”
—Gary Fisher, Atlanta Braves fan

“Jack Hayes has captured the essence of virtually every kid’s dream; this is a story from a simpler and in many ways better time; I can almost smell the oil they applied to their gloves and the locker room itself…standing beside or looking up at ball players most of us have only heard of must have been an experience most of us can only dream about…this book left me frustrated, but in a good way…I was wanting the book to be twice the size with double the stories…I would recommend this as a great read for any kid (young or old) who has ever smelled the sweet scent of ball park hot dogs on warm summer days.”
—Bob Wacker, Detroit Tigers and Chicago Cubs fan

“Jack, thank you for sharing your experiences with us via your fantastic book Baseball’s Finest Moments. As the curator of The Mickey Vernon Museum in Chadds Ford, PA, I enjoyed learning from you that Mickey participated in a triple play in 1953 against the New York Yankees. In our museum, we have a video of Mickey hitting into a triple play at Yankee stadium in 1954. I wonder how many other major league players have been on both ends of this baseball oddity. Again, I really enjoyed your book! What a fun time that must have been for you.”
—Jim Vankoski

“As an old timer baseball fan it was great to get the “real story” about some of the true heroes of baseball.”
—Paul Trivelpiece, NY Yankees fan

“The book brought back memories of my youth. I was 17 in 1953 and unlike Jack, I was a poor Iowa farm boy, and not anywhere in the proximity of the American/National League activities. The book provided a way for me to experience feelings of being there. I also really enjoyed the personal quips presented that the teenage boys went through (climbing fences and accidentally breaking windows) and the honesty and dedication displayed during the experiences. My favorite team was the Yankees and player was Mickey Mantle, of course. I don’t even remember a lot of the other players. I’m not normally a book reader, but really enjoyed “Baseball’s Finest Moments” by Jack L. Hayes.”
—Ron Hanner, Yankees fan
“Your book brought back so many memories and evoked recollections from my youth on every page. I believe I was fortunate as a kid having a dad who was a baseball fan who took me to games from a very early age so I saw many of the baseball greats. I’m sure you have received many notes like mine from fans thanking you for reviving the memories, but I just wanted to make certain you knew how very much I enjoyed Baseball’s Finest Moments and how many memories it brought back that I was fortunate to have experienced first hand.”
—Steve Schwartz, baseball fan

“Baseballs Finest Moments is an absolute delight to read for anyone who was a fan in the 40s, 50s and 60s. It is written with the enthusiasm of the kid who managed to convince the Washington Senators to take him on as a visiting team bat-boy. Jack Hayes’ depiction of the greats of the day brings a new insight into who they were. While I was a Philadelphia Athletics fan in the 40s and 50s (and today am a member of The Philadelphia Athletics Historical Society) I really enjoyed the view from the Senators’ visiting team’s dugout. In fact I bought a copy for each of my sons so they could enjoy the view from a different era.”
—Ernie Pelikan, member of The Philadelphia Athletics Historical Society

“I found Jack Hayes book Baseball’s Finest Moments a real joy to read. I was personally intrigued by all of the hurdles young Jack cleared so he could become a bat-boy at Griffith Stadium. I would imagine every year there are hundreds if not thousands of boys that would love to be a bat-boy at a major league ballpark. There only a few boys that actually follow through like Jack did in 1953. In the book Jack tells us how he became the bat-boy for the visiting teams at Griffith Stadium; I enjoyed reading about Jack’s adventures with some of the biggest stars in the game from the visiting teams, truly a dream job for any young man. I personally think Baseball’s Finest Moments is a well-written and easy reading book that all baseball fans will enjoy reading.”
—Mark Hornbaker, http://dcbaseballhistory.com/

Baseball’s Archives
by Author Jack Hayes

Readers’ Reviews/Comments

    • Jack Hayes has done it again! Another great book! His approach using Questions (with well explained answers), Informative Narrative and Baseball Tidbits columns make for very easy and enjoyable reading.
      In section 3, he breaks up the time periods into very logical eras. In my case, it was easy for me to refer back to my baseball peak youth interest during the Great Depression, World War II and Integration eras.
      I found this book not only very interesting reading, but also a great addition to my reference library.
      —W. James Doyle, author of “In Search of Silver and Gold”
    • Wow, what a great book!
      —Ray Lohmann, Detroit Tigers fan
    • All you ever wanted to know about baseball is in this book.
      —Enrico P. Albanesi, Boston Red Sox fan
    • The minute I saw this book and flipped through it I knew it was going to be a great seller. How perfect to have all these little tidbits and insider stuff. Baseball fans are going to love it.
      —Mark H. Newhouse, Host of Author s Beat at blogtalkradio.com/authorsbeat