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post dateFebruary 27, 2018  |   post categoriesUncategorized  |   post comments number0 comment Read more  >
school shootings
School Shootings, Steps to Take Immediate Actions

One week ago I posted an article taking aim at our government officials’ failure to take immediate proactive actions to help curtail mass and school shootings within the United States. Over the past two weeks, we have viewed funeral-after-funeral of several of the seventeen school shooting victims and heard story-after-story about their wounded classmates, and […]

post dateFebruary 16, 2018  |   post categoriesUncategorized  |   post comments number0 comment Read more  >
las vegas massacre
Stop the Talk and Take Action Against Deadly Mass Shootings!

Once again Americans and many throughout the world are grieving and praying for the victims and families of another deadly mass shooting. It’s time for our U.S. Congress and President to stop the talk and take action against deadly mass shootings. This latest horrific episode took place on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2018, when a […]

post dateFebruary 1, 2018  |   post categoriesembezzlement, Embezzlement and Internal Fraud, Uncategorized  |   post comments number0 comment Read more  >
embezzlement cases
Embezzlement Cases Cost Companies an Average of $1.13 Million

Be forewarned that embezzlement crimes are happening to every kind of organization imaginable! As shocking as it may seem, according to a 2017 study by global specialty insurer Hiscox, last year workplace embezzlement cases cost companies an average of $1.13 million. Even as you read this, an embezzler or another internal fraudster may be ripping […]

post dateOctober 4, 2017  |   post categoriesUncategorized  |   post comments number0 comment Read more  >
Las Vegas Massacre
Las Vegas Massacre

The Las Vegas Massacre will go down as the most horrific slaughter of innocent people ever to occur within the United States. As of today, the murderous death toll stands at fifty-nine individuals losing their lives, another five-hundred plus injured, and thousands of terrified others fled for safe cover. Carnage was everywhere! Most of the […]

post dateSeptember 15, 2017  |   post categoriesUncategorized  |   post comments number0 comment Read more  >
equifax data breach
Equifax Data Breach: Be Vigilant!

As result of the Equifax data breach, it is most important that you be vigilant! Scammers may now have your critical information they need to steal your personal information. According to media sources, hackers compromised Equifax data files and thereby gained access to the personal information belonging to 143 million United States consumers. This data […]

post dateJuly 3, 2017  |   post categoriesUncategorized  |   post comments number0 comment Read more  >
happy birthday america
Happy Birthday America!

Today I think about what the 4th of July means to me. I shall not allow myself to selfishly focus on such trivial things as cookouts, barbecues, hamburgers, hot dogs and fireworks. No, this special holiday is much too important, though I still say Happy Birthday America! Just think, it was 241 years ago when […]

post dateJune 14, 2017  |   post categoriesUncategorized  |   post comments number1 comment Read more  >
Workplace Violence – Is Your Operation Vulnerable?

Increased acts of violence in the workplace is a trend that we must not ignore. In fact, there are over two million incidents of workplace violence reported on average annually, not including those incidents that go unreported. Although not all workplace violence results in fatalities, the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries for the years 2006–2014, […]

post dateAugust 18, 2016  |   post categoriesUncategorized  |   post comments number1 comment Read more  >
Hiring Mistakes Increase Embezzlement Risks

Did you know that hiring mistakes increase embezzlement risks? Naturally, no reputable employer wants to hire anyone who is dishonest. However, it happens all the time. For example, common sense teaches that when hiring any new employee, the more you know the less risk you face. It also teaches that when it comes to hiring […]

post dateJuly 22, 2016  |   post categoriesUncategorized  |   post comments number3 comments Read more  >
FBI Director Comey’s Decision: Justice Served or Justice Denied?

Let me start off by saying that I have always made it a practice to stay away from addressing political issues on this blog. However, after listening to FBI Director James Comey make public his final decision regarding the Clinton emails, I couldn’t resist. Read the below, and ask yourself if the facts pertaining to […]

post dateJuly 15, 2016  |   post categoriesRadical Islam Terrorism, Uncategorized  |   post comments number1 comment Read more  >
Wake Up America— ISIS is Coming

On July 14, 2016, at least 84 people were killed when a large truck plowed through a Bastille Day crowd in Nice, France. The driver also opened fire from his gun before mowing down numerous people who had gathered to watch fireworks. At this point, no group has claimed responsibility, but an ISIS connection is […]

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