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2016 18 Aug

Did you know that hiring mistakes increase embezzlement risks? Naturally, no reputable employer wants to hire anyone who is dishonest. However, it happens all the time. For example, common sense teaches that when hiring any new employee, the more you know the less risk you face. It also teaches that when it comes to hiring […]

2016 22 Jul

Let me start off by saying that I have always made it a practice to stay away from addressing political issues on this blog. However, after listening to FBI Director James Comey make public his final decision regarding the Clinton emails, I couldn’t resist. Read the below, and ask yourself if the facts pertaining to […]

2016 15 Jul

On July 14, 2016, at least 84 people were killed when a large truck plowed through a Bastille Day crowd in Nice, France. The driver also opened fire from his gun before mowing down numerous people who had gathered to watch fireworks. At this point, no group has claimed responsibility, but an ISIS connection is […]

2016 15 Jun

Early Sunday morning, June 12, 2016, Orlando Florida went into the history books as the site of the worst mass shooting ever in the United States. The carnage count was horrific—49 killed and another 53 wounded once the bloodbath ended inside of a popular gay nightclub. Reports indicate this was a terrorist attack. For the […]

2016 09 Jun

What’s Happening?

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Hi Folks: Something is wrong with my blog site! Over the past few weeks I have not received a single post regarding my published articles. When I say not a single feedback message, I mean zero, zilch, zip, nothing in feedback. While in the past I received approximately 100 responses per week regarding those articles […]

2016 19 Apr

This morning I received an Immediate Release notification from the Department of Justice, U.S. Attorney’s Office, District of Minnesota. In bold print, “Former CFO Of [City] Industrial Contractor Charged With Embezzling More Than $5.7 Million” The story behind this alleged scheme differs little, if any, from those crimes that I have analyzed, investigated, and written […]

2016 04 Apr

You may find the below information released by the National Cyber Awareness System on ways to not become a victim to cyber crime helpful. UNITED STATES COMPUTER EMERGENCY READINESS TEAM (US-CERT) Alert (TA16-091A) Overview In early 2016, destructive ransomware variants such as Locky and Samas were observed infecting computers belonging to individuals and businesses, which […]

2016 24 Mar

Here We Go Again!

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Folks, as you know I previously wrote two posts (3-17th and 3-4th ) relating to poor internal controls and insufficient management oversight/monitoring. Well, once again I am posting another embezzlement crime that should not have happened: First, it is important to say that this scheme was able to take place over a period of thirteen […]

2016 17 Mar

On March 4th, I posted an article entitled, The Alarming Facts – Multiple Tasking. That post focused on two former managers entering a guilty plea to two totally unrelated financial embezzlement acts against each of their former employers. Well, less than two weeks after that post, I am writing about another example allegedly showing just […]

2016 16 Mar

Yesterday, my wife and I were shopping in a retail store when I overheard a customer telling her husband that the IRS was on her cell phone demanding payment. Naturally, I stepped in and briefed the couple on these types of scams and what actions they should take. On January 21st, I posted my initial […]

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