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2017 04 Oct

Las Vegas Massacre

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The Las Vegas Massacre will go down as the most horrific slaughter of innocent people ever to occur within the United States. As of today, the murderous death toll stands at fifty-nine individuals losing their lives, another five-hundred plus injured, and thousands of terrified others fled for safe cover. Carnage was everywhere! Most of the […]

2017 15 Sep

As result of the Equifax data compromise, it is most important that you be vigilant! Scammers may now have your critical information they need to steal your personal information. According to media sources, hackers compromised Equifax data files and thereby gained access to the personal information belonging to 143 million United States consumers. This data […]

2017 05 Sep

Think acts of embezzlement are not thriving in houses of worship throughout the United States? If you answered no, well think again! To help prove my point, let’s start by simply “googling” Church Embezzlement, and don’t be surprised to find results reading somewhere around 499,000. Next, let us take a brief look at five church-related […]

2017 04 Aug

If you think employee credit card abuse in operations such as yours is not a problem, think again. This form of internal fraud/embezzlement is not only widespread — it’s legendary. Simply “Google” the words, “employee credit card abuse” and don’t be surprised to find results showing “about 16,200,000”. My studies show that any employer’s credit […]

2017 26 Jul

Acts of Embezzlement can and does cripple and destroy entire organizations, whether it be – the smallest little league operation or largest multi-billion dollar corporation, medical facility or private practice, school or university, religious or non-profit organization, law enforcement or government agency. All organizations, without exception, are vulnerable to acts embezzlement. Perhaps you think this […]

2017 04 Jul

Approximately two weeks ago, I posted an article relating to the severity of workplace violence. These crimes are not only increasing, but appear to be happening in all types of operations. For example, I have listed seven of these crimes that have taken place between January 1 and June 30, 2017. Acts of Workplace Violence: […]

2017 03 Jul

Today, as I think about what the 4th of July means to me. I shall not allow myself to selfishly focus on such trivial things as cookouts, barbecues, hamburgers, hotdogs and fireworks. No, this special holiday is much too important. Just think, it was 241 years ago when the Continental Congress approved the Declaration of […]

2017 14 Jun

Increased acts of violence in the workplace is a trend that we must not ignore. In fact, there are over two million incidents of workplace violence reported on average annually, not including those incidents that go unreported. Although not all workplace violence results in fatalities, the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries for the years 2006–2014, […]

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